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wazzup m8 by Nopsy
wazzup m8
just testing some lineless and well this turned out pretty well so decided to upload here
also wanted to draw Shaul again.

this was kinda fun, I might do more of these.... when i'll get my motivation back. :icontearplz:
Loading... by Nopsy
seemed like such a fun meme..and since everybody else did this.. I guess I had to do it too.
ugh really shitty lineart and bad handwriting </3 but oh well, let it be.

eheh..sorry about the blood, I couldn't hold myself with it-- ohwell let's just say it's ketchup..coz pfft.
(also..those wings fail like..didn't have my fucking tablet so I got lazy with em'..)


pitäis varmaan tehdä Fingille uus reffi..koska lol tykkään piirtää sitä..ahah.. idk why </3 whatdoyouguysthink?
Name: Nopsy
Name Backwards: yspoN
Were you named after anyone?: hahahAHAHAHAH yes eiku--
Does your name mean anything?:  Nah, just came up with it randomly.
Nick Name(s): isukki, lokki, paskiainen, saatana...etc.

Sign: Aries
Religion: Atheist
What you look like: Short brownish hair, average height, usually wearing black hoodie+hat...(most of all, you might get confused with my gender.)
Innie or Outie: Innie
Righty, Lefty, ambidextrous: ambidextrous
Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other: Gay

Do You Have...

Any sisters: none
Any brothers: two
Any pets: dem small lil shitass that MIGHT be a dog (((:
A Disease: well no, more like brain disorder
A Personal phone line: nah.
 A Cell phone: ye.

Describe Your...

Personality: Er, well one of my dearest pals that i've known for long just described me today as a:"really weird one." just.. he didn't come up with anything else :'D I don't really know by myself either so...
Driving: they gave me the wheel once, then said:".....never again." so I guess I kinda suck, eh?
Room: has a lot of space, blue...idk little details everywhere?
School: ok.
Bed: it's almost like a pile of mattresses but pft, it's comfortable </3
Relationship with your parent(s): ok.

Do You...

Believe in yourself: dunno depends.
Believe in love at first sight?: nah.
Consider yourself a good listener: yes.
Get Along with your parents: well in our family nobody really gives a shit about each others :'D kinda distant but atleast I have ok parents I guess and fbgdfibgstuff.
Save your e-mail conversations: some of them?
Pray: rarely, really rarely.
Believe in reincarnation: somehow makes sense to me.
Like to make fun of people: depends on who..
Like to talk on the phone: asnd usually I do. even tho it might be awkward as hell and I might stutter but pft.
Like to eat: tbh, not really. I eat when I feel like it.. maybe once or twice a day and ye--?
Like to drive: it's fun but dfgbndg
Eat the stems of broccoli: ..i'm not a cannibal eiku-
Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: eh.
Sleep with a stuffed animal: well I have plushies on my bed and sometimes i've dragged them to my lap while asleep but..not really.
  • Mood: Angsty
  • Playing: Bioshock Infinite
  • Drinking: Teho
hello again to all my friends.. by Nopsy
hello again to all my friends..
..together we can play some rock n' roll (goddamnit I don't even like skrillex but still I've been listening to it for hours....)
ok so, I saw a vision and basicly stared to nowhere for a while like:""
Ahah, so ye.. this happened </3 a colorful mess.. decided to upload here too coz.. why the fuck not.'

Don't trust this creature,
it's about of a size of some small child..
and might look innocent for first,
but if you get real close to it..
you'll see a one spooky grin
it might hit you with it's stick.....
and steal your candy ):

Pokemon Randomizer:
1 Switch to All Regions
2 Switch to 1
3 Only one Pokemon per question

1 This Pokemon is your best friend
I've always liked Mawile.. I used it a lot when playing PMD ;v;"

2 This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion

3 This Pokemon is your partner in a science project
gtfo bonsly, nobody likes ye.

4 This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you
well i'm fucked...

5 This Pokemon is your Ex
ye.. looks just like her.

6 This Pokemon is your boyfriend
oh god why

7 This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment
..well I don't mind if this fluffy thingy is stalking me.. ((::

8 This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake
oh fuck you mantine I thought we were friends : '(

9 This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night
how did you know I felt exactly like this?

10 This Pokemon punched your mom

11 This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes
pls. my shoes ain't gonna look good on ye.

12 This Pokemon died by your hands
NOOOO NOT MY BBY PHIONE ;-; (PMD nostalgia again..aaaa)

13 This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life
omg yesss

14 This Pokemon is your loving pet
it's cute..;u;

15 This Pokemon is your Dentist
..four..hand...thingys. oh fuck--

16 This Pokemon is what you dream about every day
Crawdaunt m-maybe? *köh*

17 This is the Pokemon you found in your basement when you moved into your new house
omg treeckooo aaaaa-- *happiness overload
  • Mood: Winter Downs
  • Listening to: The clockwork's quartet's stuff.
  • Playing: TF2
  • Eating: Pringles
  • Drinking: Teho


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find my Facebook for an active human-being. (coz Tumblr is too mainstream)
if you dare.

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